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Teena's Day Spa
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Teena's Day Spa

Teena Clark - Teena's Day SpaAbout Teena Clark
I am a small town girl who loves big city glamour, but I have never lost my small town values. I love being able to talk to my clients and become friends with them. I like to take my time with each individual so they have a good experience every time they are here. Helping clients manage and maintain a healthy skin regimen, reducing their fine-lines and wrinkles; diminishing blemishes and the depth of their acne scars, visibly reducing redness from rosacea and brightening discoloration due to sun damage or applying their makeup is very rewarding.

Started In Makeup
I started doing makeup in 1991 on runway models for bridal shows. Ever since I was a little girl it has always been my dream to be a makeup artist and help women feel beautiful inside and out. I am a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist. I graduated from Current Trends Academy in St. Peters, MO. I am licensed in Illinois and Missouri. I attended the EZ- Permanent Makeup School in Idaho and I am certified to perform Permanent Makeup by the Permanent Makeup Society.

Favorite Feature
My favorite feature are a client’s eyes. Your eyes complete your look. I love to play up your eyes so that they complement your eye color and your outfit.  Brows add to the expression and definition of your eyes and frame your face. Take time to perfect them and you’ll see the difference. Everyone has at least one feature that captivates someone’s attention it could be their eyes, cheeks, lips, or skin.

Most Important Tool
The art of good communication and brushes. I love the confidence and trust my clients have in me..

On the Art of Makeup
Makeup is more powerful than most people think. It can enhance the way one looks on the outside and…Viola! You feel unbelievable on the inside, and for me that is instant gratification.

Favorite Makeup Technique
Prepping and perfecting the skin. Those things, though simple, can make or break your look. Fantastic looking skin is easy to achieve if you have those two techniques everything else is icing on the cake.

Creative Influences
What influences me when I do makeup is Pop Culture. Another influence for me was Princess Diana. To me she defined simple elegance and I have always admired and loved how beautiful she was, inside and out. Celebrities are also a big influence; I enjoy learning what they do to make themselves look good whether it is skin, makeup, or how they stay in shape. 


1020 West Delmar Ave Godfrey IL 62035   Phone : 618.917.1348

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