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Teena's Day Spa
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Teena's Day Spa

“Facials for 2”
Your choice of any facial. Facials for 2 are great for mothers and daughters, sisters, friends, or significant others to do together. It is fun to spend time together and besides getting a facial you get to watch a facial performed.

We offer a whole line of facials that can be customized just for you. Three of our most popular facials are Anti-Aging, Anti-Redness and Illuminating (sun damaged) facials. During these you will receive a ten minute massage with lavender massage oil to exfoliate and hydrate your skin and lavender is very relaxing and serene. Acne facials are great for teenagers or adults. We use a brushing machine for deep cleansing and High Frequency to kill the bacteria from the inside out in two days, we call it the “zit zapper”. With all the facials you receive a hand, arm, neck, shoulder, décolletage, and foot massage.

AVEDA Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial Treatment       $70
High Tech tourmaline and plant charge Radiance Mask will lift and firm the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines 7 wrinkles. Specialized serums are massaged into your skin. your skin will look and feel smoother 7 firmer.

AVEDA Tourmalene Facial $70
For very dry mature skin.
AVEDA Faster Results when adding the 50% Glycolic Peel       $45
Prepping solution opens the pores and allows glycolic acid to penetrate and lift the top layer of skin away. Removing the dull dry skin and lightens sun spots. No makeup for 4 hours.
AVEDA Enbrightenment Discoloration Facial Treatment     $70
100% Naturally Derived Brightening Blend to help diminish the appearance of dark spots/sun damaged and improve skins visible clarity.
AVEDA Outer Peace Acne Facial Treatment          $70
Brushing Machine to deep cleanse, along with toning and steaming to open the pores for extraction. High Frequency used to stimulate the deeper layers to dissolve bacteria, and clearing up the acne from the inside out. A botanical approach to treating acne with 100% Salicylic Acid.
AVEDA Rosacea Anti-Redness Facial             $70
Ideal for extremely Sensitive skin. Visibly reduces redness, evens out skin discoloration, eliminates dehydration and decreases sensitivity with an intense infusion of calming gel under a collagen mask out of the frig which adds hydration.
AVEDA Elemental Nature Facial Treatment       $70
A customized facial based on your personal needs. A truly personalized treatment for your skin.


1020 West Delmar Ave Godfrey IL 62035   Phone : 618.917.1348

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