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Teena's Day Spa

Teena’s Day Spa & Boutique

The house was built by Captain James McGinnis, a steamboat pilot, in 1850. He had large landholdings in the surrounding area including all of D’Adrian subdivision and all of St.Patrick’s Cemetery. There was once a large dairy farm and lots of orchards on the land.
The Flexon family lived here in the 1940’s and 1950’s. They did most of the modernizing and remodeling. They made the basement into a family room or place to entertain. Mr. Flexon was a Vice President at the Glassworks and the bar and bathroom downstairs were both built with all glass blocks. They also added on a patio with a large grill and sink and entertained a lot out on the grounds. The two bedrooms were added on upstairs and the patio enclosed for a sunroom.

Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell owned the home in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Two of their daughters had their wedding receptions on the premises with tents set up on the side yard. They had several children and when they first moved in a caretaker lived in the apartment above the garage. At some point Dr. Mitchell then used that area for his at home office.

Resurrection Lutheran Church owned the house for several years and held their church services there until their building was complete. At that time the property was divided into two parcels with our lot consisting of almost two acres.

Dale and Nancy Bailey then purchased the property from the church. Nancy had a Bible book store there called ‘Celebration Center’. It was then purchased from the Bailey’s in 2000 and opened as Magnolia’s Flowers and Gifts.

September 11, 2009 the house was purchased by Mike and Teena Clark. Teena’s Day Spa & Boutique relocated and opened November 2, 2009 after 6 weeks of remodeling and upgrades throughout the entire house.

The large main room of the house features 14 ft. ceilings, all original woodwork and a beautiful ornate stairway. The well on the side of the house is still functional, which is sometimes used for watering outside etc. The milk house is a very unique building. There is a front door going into the all brick room. Around the back of the building there is a door to a room that is entirely lined with tile and has a trough where water from a spring ran through this to keep the building very cool. There is still a valve outside the building on the ground that controlled the flow of water from the underground spring.


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