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Difference between Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels are both methods of exfoliation they work in different ways. Microdermabrasion is like SHEDDING YOUR WINTER SKIN. It is a mechanical way of removing the dead skin layer (Stratum corneum.) Peels provide chemical exfoliation by breaking down the bond (like glue) that holds the stratum corneum together which speeds up the natural exfoliation process. Peels are more effective at treating acne (bacteria) and pigment discoloration, because it absorbs into the skin.

Recommends 5 treatments $225 once a week or add to any facial. Use one of three different intensifiers, Acne Prone (to clear up active acne), Uneven Skin Tone (lifts pink out of acne scars & sun spots), Anti-Aging (diminishes wrinkles). It is a gradual process and your skin will feel silky soft. It is recommended to use vitamin A, C, and E after each treatment. Your skin will crave vitamin C which is L-Ascorbic Acid (Anti-aging) Vitamin A is for fine lines and wrinkles, Vitamin E is for softening.

50% Glycolic Peel
Prepping solution opens the pores and allows glycolic acid to penetrate and lift the top layer of skin away. Removing the dull dry skin and lightens sun spots.  No makeup for 4 hours. 30 Min. appointment $55. Add to any facial to receive Faster results. $45.


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